Journey UMC: Missional Faith Community
Journey UMC: Missional Faith Community

Journey UMC: Missional Faith Community


Worship Location:

Journey Community Center

19210 Patrick Henry Hwy

Amelia Courthouse, VA 23002


Worship here

10:00 am Sundays


Phone: +1 804 3040256




P O Box 190
Jetersville, VA 23083


‘Come with us on a journey, the journey of life, a journey with God, a journey together.’

Join one of these ongoing ministries to  make a difference today!


Amelia Thrift Store Everything is donated, we serve with our hearts and then we give away all net proceeds to help meet needs in our community. Contact: Betty Morris and Linda Picardi


Journey Meals Food Backpack Program

In 2014-15 we  served over 9000 meals. In 2015-16 we served more than 50 children in Amelia on weekends. contact Carla Clarke


Soles for Souls   Thanks to all who donated to this worthy cause, year round children’s shoe collection to benefit Christmas Mother program. Contact Leann Clarke 


Hands to Hearts Our local food ministry to connect people who are falling between the cracks. Contact Carla or Robert Clarke


Coats for Christmas Mother Seasonal Ministry. Contact Carla Clarke


About Us

Join with Us Now for Exciting Times!


     Watching a newborn is exciting! Our new church is filled with hope and excitement for a great future. Come and be a part of something new and wonderful. A church is a people not a building. We are a people actively seeking to be in community with other people and we want to meet you!

     We first met in a large multipurpose space in the same building with our community outreach: Amelia Thrift Store. We worshipped  in a garage and  it was amazing. A space that only recently restored and repaired cars  restored and renewed people. Everyone needs a tune-up now and again. We are all on a journey and we need a place to gather and find renewal only to be sent out again refreshed and renewed. Jesus was born in a lowy manger, why not be re-born in a lowly garage? 

    As our youth and children groups grew, we needed more educational space, and so for a season we worshipped in Amelia Elementary School.

In the spring of 2017, we found our new home in the banquet room of Journey Community Center. We are worshipping every Sunday in "Celebration" at 10:00 am.  We also meet throughout the week in small groups for self-renewal and growth, for work in mission, and to build relationships. The Holy Spirit is leading us into an exciting future! The best is yet to come.


Bright Future

God has given us a vision to reach more people and do more to help our community. In two to six months we will be moving again! This time to a restaurant that will not only serve wonderful food, but help us to earn more money to do even more mission. Read more about it on our mission website.



Our Brief History: Birthed in Mission

    This faith journey began in Fall 2008 when the North Amelia Charge launched into a study of Bishop Schnase’s Five Practices for Fruitful Congregations.  During the discussion of risk-taking mission, the group caught on fire with the Holy Spirit and launched a thrift store just months later. The tiny store soon outgrew the outpouring of support from the local community and soon moved into its large current location on Route 360 in Amelia County. The mission of the Amelia Thrift Store is to: recycle usable products, provide affordable products, and use the proceeds for needs in our community.

     This local community outreach has done more than that. The mission work has changed peoples’ lives, both of the church members and the unchurched. Each day begins with prayer and although church members started the mission, today over half of the volunteers are not members of the UM church. Members of the community come to the store for more than just shopping. They come for compassion and the caring ear of those who work there. The store dedicated space for a “learning center” to expand its missions to include an afterschool mentoring program and classes, including financial counseling. It soon became apparent that the only thing this faith community lacked was regular worship. A group of church members, having participated in The Five Talent Academy of the Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church, felt the call to plant a new faith community founded in mission. The Holy Spirit has opened up more space in the same building to begin and Pastor Mike Davis was selected as the church planter.   The group envisions a distant future regional church of 500 in Amelia County near the eastern county line on Route 360. Together in their journey with God, they have witnessed miracles and they expect more in the future.


Our Name

Why Missional Faith Community?

     Although Christ didn’t intend the purpose of the church to be about customer service or consumer oriented that is how “church” in modern society is viewed.  Society sees church as existing for the benefit of its members.

     Christ intended for the church to exist to equip its members for the benefit of the world.  To do that, church is about three things: community, spirituality, and mission.  To call the church a “missional faith community” embraces those three things and dissolves the worldview of the church as self-serving.

     We are sent to serve and not to be served.  We are sent to the sick, not to the healthy. The missional faith community exists for the world, not its members. We are on mission to the irreligious, not the religious.


Why Missional?

          Adam Hamilton teaches that if we can get people involved in mission, we can teach them about Jesus Christ and then they will become part of the church. The Holy Spirit is alive, working and leading the people of the Amelia Thrift Store on a mission to reach out to the community.  This community mission outreach was started after identifying several basic needs of our community.  The two greatest needs were funds to help support the two county food banks and agencies that helped people with their financial needs.   The Holy Spirit led the opening of a thrift store, selling only donated items, all work from unpaid servants, and giving all proceeds back to the community.  The store has celebrated six of success that can only be described as a miracle from God.  An expansion of this community outreach includes Journey Meals Food Program providing over 9000 meals per school year on weekends for needy children.

The Amelia Thrift Store has been credited with changing the entire community in ways where people know that they are reaching out to each other by donating, serving or buying in the store.

      We are finding many people coming into the store seeking a direction or guidance in life. We have several avenues where we can tell our stories about our faith in Christ.  We are now ready to provide a place where more mission work can be done, and a place where those who have been turned off, turned away, or never found a “church” can now come and worship a living God. 


Why Faith Community?

     In our surveys of people in the community, most who were not attending church had a story of a bad experience related to church.  We have heard people speak of finding a group of real believers, not a “church”.  We truly wish to bring together people who are a group of real believers, a community of faith.  This faith community is a place of belonging, where people can learn to believe the Good News, where a community is learning to live by it, and together can become a living example of it. 


‘Come with us on a journey, the journey of life, a journey with God, a journey together.’





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